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Report about business trip of JSC “EMI” team to 18th WCNDT

According to invitation of firm «Gammatec NDT Supplies  Ltd», JSC “EMI” team A. Alekseev, A. Baranov and S. Morozova visited 18th WCNDT, took place in April 16÷21, 2012 г. In Durban (South Africa). 

Among the participants of the Conference and Exhibition there were not only leading NDT companies, but also more than 30 NDT societies from all over the world.
Russian Federation was presented by two companies, who exhibited only booklets and advertising materials:
  • РОНКТД (Russian Society on NDT and technical diagnostics);
  • JSC NPZ «Molniya» (Science & Production Center “Molniya”).

The exhibition reflected all the range of NDT equipment from many countries: ultrasonic, magnetic, vortex, electrical, X-ray, e.t.s. .

Radiographic NDT equipment was presented by only three companies:
  • Best®NDT a division of Medical Belgium 
  • SENTINEL™ QSA Global, Inc. 
  • Oserix...

First company showed gamma-cameras: “GammaMat SE”,  “GammaMat Hybrid” and crawler “GammaMat M”. No perspective models were shown.


The second company showed gamma-cameras of 880 series for work with sources Ir-192 and Se-75 and gamma-cameras of Sentry series for work with sources Co-60, the design of which based on old S-type channel in DU shield. All the presented cameras are notable for big weight and loose our devices here. For example, Sentry 110 camera designed for Со-60 110 Ci source weights 261 kg; in comparison our camera РИД-К/100 designed for the same activity weights 185 kg. 


It was also presented original accessory “PIPELINER” designed for pipe line mounting of gamma-cameras 880-series for close proximity purposes. 


The most fully and adequately was presented NDT radiographic equipment on the booth of firm “Oserix”, which was especially produced by JSC “EMI”. All the labels contained sentence «Designed by EMI, RUSSIA, exclusively for OSERIX».


The booth was extremely popular among the visitors. There were always a lot of interested potential buyers from all over the world.


There was presented all the range of gamma-cameras, produced by our firm: RID-Se4P, Exertus Dual 120, Exertus Dual 60, Exertus Selen Circa, Exertus Vox 100. 


It was very attractive to see a model of Exertus Dual 120 camera made of transparent plexiglass, that allowed to show the work of all the locking systems of the device during the extraction of the source from “storage” to “work” position.


The most popular device RID-Se4P was also presented in close proximity variant, as well, with the set of accessories. All the set for fixing the device on a pipe may be placed in a case.


The same system of fixing may be used for new close proximity camera  Exertus Selen Circa. Generally, the design of close proximity cameras gained great popularity among the exhibited radiographic equipment as a most perspective direction of future elaborations. In our point of view, the main reason here is a short distance of source movement from “storage” to “work” position, that exclude extra-irradiation of workers in comparison with movement of a source along the ordinary guide tube. In case of «Exertus Selen Circa» the additional bonuses are:

  • Biological shield is made of tungsten, that allows to provide transportation of the device using usual sources of transportation and to recharge the sources from transport container just in the field;
  • Possibility to use the device both in close proximity and in cable variants.



For the time being the main requirements to the modern gamma-cameras are:

  • Little weight, not more than 20 kg;
  • Biological protection made of tungsten;
  • Possibility to use the device both in close proximity and in cable variant;
  • Activity of the required sources is 80 Ci (contrary to Russian customers), that allows to use scaled-down type “A” certification.

All these requirements are in full correspondence with the camera «Exertus Selen Circa», elaborated and produced by our company.


16.05.2012 18:37